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CAPTION: table_All Children
All Children
Policy, Values and Principles
Title: When Inserted:
Barnsley 2030 Practice Standards March 2023
Visiting Timescales March 2023
Protocol for Supporting Staff Working with Parents/Carers Who Have Additional Needs Dec 2022
Communication Plan Nov 2022
LADO Jan 24
Child Protection Jan 24
Children In Care Jan 24
SMART plans Jan 24
Section 7 reports Jan 24
Early Help and Thresholds for Children's Social Care Services
Title: When Inserted:
Threshold for Intervention Guidance June 2023
Early Help for Families and Practitioner Toolkit June 2023
Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning
Title: When Inserted:
Step Up Step Down Protocol July 2023
Barnsley Assessment Framework Oct 2016
Case Transfer Policy 2023 Updated policy Oct 2023
Contextual Safeguarding
Title: When Inserted:
Contextual Safeguarding Implementation Toolkit 2023
Child in Need
Title: When Inserted:
CPC Dispute Resolution Process and Compliment Guidance October 2023
Legal Proceedings
Title: When Inserted:
Legal Gateway Panel Terms of Reference 2023
Complaints and Whistleblowing
Title: When Inserted:
Corporate Whistleblowing Policy June 2020
Title: When Inserted:
Report a Serious Child Care Incident July 2023
Missing Children
Title: When Inserted:
South Yorkshire Children Missing from Home and Care Protocol November 2023
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Case Management and Recording
Title: When Inserted:
BMBC Social Networking Policy January 2021
Later Life Procedures, Guidance and Template Sep 21
Records Management Reviewed May 2023
Hybrid Working Policy 2023 2023
Practice Standards 12.13 update 12.2023
CAPTION: table Particular Circumstances
Children in Particular Circumstances
Children with Disabilities
Title: When Inserted:
Transitions Protocol - Preparing for Adulthood 2021
Disabled Children's Team Eligibility Criteria October 2023
Children from Abroad
Title: When Inserted:
Title: When Inserted:
Joint Protocol re Support Needs of Homeless 16-17 yr olds May 2023
Joint Homeless Protocol Flowchart 2022 Reviewed May 2023
Dispute Escalation Process re Homeless 16-17 yr olds Reviewed May 2023
Family and Friends Care
Title: When Inserted:
Assessment of Connected Carers FC Updated Aug 2023
Unregulated and Unregistered Placement Guidance Sept 2023
Private Fostering Statement of Purpose August 2023
Young Carers
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: table Looked After Children
Children in Care
Decision to Look After and Care Planning
Title: When Inserted:
Children in Care Permanency Panel - Terms of Reference 2017
Title: When Inserted:
Placement Sufficiency Strategy Board (PSSB) -Terms of Reference (ToR) Jan 2022
Placement and Resources Panel ToR May 2023
Care Vs Support (supported accommodation checklist) May 2023
Unregulated and Unregistered Placement Guidance Sept 2023
Monitoring and Reviews
Title: When Inserted:
IRO Dispute Resolution Process October 2023
Contact and Overnight Stays
Title: When Inserted:
Education, School Trips and Holidays
Title: When Inserted:
Personal Education Planning Policy and Procedures for LAC July 2023
Health and Wellbeing
Title: When Inserted:
Looked After Children Healthcare BMBC
Barnsley CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) Children in Care Pathway 2017
SDQ Process and Interpreting SDQ Scores – Social Worker Guide 2019
Guide to Supporting Children & Young People With Their Gender Identity Aug 2023
Initial Health Assessment Process Jan 24
Change of Name and Marriage
Title: When Inserted:
Leaving Care and Transition
Title: When Inserted:
Barnsley Local Offer for Care Leavers 2021
Later Life Procedures, Guidance and Template Sep 2021
Youth Offending
Title: When Inserted:
SWYRCA Accommodation Standard June 2022
Strategy for Reducing the Proportion of Looked After Children who Enter the Youth Justice System in Barnsley October 2020
CAPTION: table Fostering and Adoption
Fostering and Adoption
Fostering Services
Title: When Inserted:
Complaints and Allegations Against Foster Carers - Procedures and Guidance Updated June 2023
Foster Carers and Adopters Smoking (including Smoking Guidance for Foster Carers and Adopters) May 2018
Information about Payments to Foster Carers (Barnsley MBC Fostering Service, June 2017) 2017
Fostering Statement of Purpose August 2023
Adoption and Permanence Services
Title: When Inserted:
Barnsley MBC Procedure / Guidance - Fostering for Adoption, Concurrent Planning and Temporary Approval as Foster Carers of Approved Prospective Adopte
Coram BAAF Advice on Smoking for Carers 2018
One Adoption South Yorkshire Link. November 2023
Special Guardianship
Title: When Inserted:
Barnsley MBC Adoption, Special Guardianship and Child Arrangements Order Allowances Policy 2019
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Staffing and Supervision
Title: When Inserted:
Children's Social Care Staff Transfer Scheme Reviewed July 2023
Supervision Policy Reviewed June 2023
Scheme of Delegation May 2023