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Welcome to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Children's Services Procedures Manual

Welcome to the Joint Cambridgeshire County Council's (CCC) and Peterborough City Council's (PCC) Children's Services Procedure Manual.

These procedures are designed to support front line practitioners and managers with good practice and play an important role in ensuring the quality and timeliness of our work in achieving best outcomes for children and their families. They will continue to be updated regularly to reflect national and local changes to legislation, policy and practice.

For Internal information around Protocols and Processes, Flowcharts and Quick Guides, Tools and Practice Guidance Notes, please go to the Children's Portal (CCC) and the Children's Toolkit (PCC).

The Portal is where you will find:

  • Strategies and Policies;
  • Protocols and Processes;
  • Flowcharts and Quick Guides;
  • Tools;
  • Information for Service Users;
  • Consultation Documents.

If you have any queries about these procedures, please contact

Nicola Curley
Service Director, Children's Services & Safeguarding

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