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2.4.6 Release of Prisoners Convicted of Offences Against Children

When a prisoner convicted of offences against a child is being considered for release from custody on a temporary or permanent basis, the prison probation officer must, in writing inform the Director of Children Social Services / Children’s Social Care of the area where s/he is expected to reside, with a copy sent to the relevant Chief Probation Officer.

The prison probation officer must request from the Director of Children Social Services / Children’s Social Care comments on the prisoner’s release with particular reference to the effects it could have upon any children living at or regularly visiting the address at which the prisoner is expected to live.

Depending on the categorisation of the prisoner being released from prison the Police or when appropriate Probation will interview those living at the address to assess home circumstances and, if appropriate authorise the provision of alternative accommodation for the prisoner.

Specialist Children’s Services (Kent)/Children’s Social Care Services (Medway) must identify in writing any Child Protection issues arising from the proposed release of a prisoner to a specified address and indicate any action it might need to undertake to protect relevant child/ren.

If the prisoner is subsequently released to an address at which a child lives or is regular visitor, then unless the outcome of the above process is agreed, Section 47 Enquiries must be initiated.