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Kent and Medway Safeguarding Children Procedures Contents

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This contents list is sub divided into the following sections, each Section contains relevant Chapters/Procedures (click on the title to jump to the Section you require):

  1. Introduction, Policy Framework, Principles and Values
  2. Core Procedures
  3. Practice Guidance
  4. Kent and Medway Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships
  5. Appendices

1. IntroductiGon, Policy Framework, Principles and Values

Caption: section 1 contents
1.1 Introduction and Overview / Purpose and Scope of the New Procedures  
1.2 Statutory Framework  
1.3 Information Sharing  
1.4 Kent Support Levels Guidance  
1.5 Medway Inter-Agency Threshold Criteria for Children in Need  
1.6 Good Practice Supporting the Voice of the Child  

2. Core Procedures

Caption: section 2 contents


Managing Individual Cases – The Child’s Journey

2.1.1 Responding to Abuse and Neglect  
2.1.2 Recognition of Significant Harm  
2.1.3 Child and Family Assessments  
2.1.4 Strategy Discussion/Meetings  
2.1.5 Child Protection (Section 47) Enquiries  
  See also: Child Protection Enquiries in School Holidays  
2.1.6 Initial Child Protection Conferences  
2.1.7 Recording that a Child is the Subject of a Child Protection Plan  
2.1.8 Implementation of the Child Protection Plan - Lead Social Worker and Core Group Responsibilities  
2.1.9 Child Protection Review Conferences  



Recognition of Additional Vulnerability

2.2.1 Introduction  

Children Who Exhibit Harmful Behaviour including Sexual Harm (Assessing and Providing Interventions)


2.2.3 Spiritual Cultural and Religious Beliefs  
2.2.4 Disabled Children  
2.2.5 Adoption  
2.2.6 Working with Sexually Active Young People  
2.2.7 Blood Borne Viruses  
2.2.8 Kent and Medway Protocol for the Management of Actual or Suspected Bruising in Infants and Children who are not Independently Mobile New
2.2.9 Bullying Updated
2.2.10 Online Safety, Child Abuse and Technology  
2.2.11 E-Safety: Children Exposed to Abuse through the Digital Media  
2.2.12 Safeguarding Children Abused through Sexual Exploitation
(Kent SCP Procedures and Strategies)

See also:

2.2.13 Pathway for CSA Medicals  
2.2.14 Missing Children and Families  
2.2.15 Parental Learning Disability  
2.2.16 Mental Ill Health of Parent or Carer  
2.2.17 Children Living Away from Home (including Children and Families living in Temporary Accommodation) Updated
2.2.18 Children Missing from Education / Not Attending School  
2.2.19 Children Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries  
2.2.20 Parental Substance (Drugs and Alcohol) Misuse (including pregnancy)  
2.2.21 Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children  
2.2.22 Diplomats Families  
2.2.23 Domestic Violence and Abuse - under review  
2.2.24 Child Criminal Exploitation New
2.2.25 Complex (Organised or Multiple) Abuse  
2.2.26 Elective Home Education  
2.2.27 Fabricated or Induced Illness  
2.2.28 Female Genital Mutilation  
2.2.29 Firesetting  
2.2.30 Forced Marriage  
2.2.31 Foreign Exchange Visits  
2.2.32 Gang Activity, Youth Violence and Criminal Exploitation Affecting Children Updated
2.2.33 Harm to Animals and Possible Implications for Children  
2.2.34 Historical Abuse Allegations  
2.2.35 Honour Based Violence  
2.2.36 Hospital Pre-discharge Arrangements  
2.2.37 Language Schools  
2.2.38 Child in Care(Kent) / Looked after Child (Medway)  
2.2.39 Male Circumcision  
2.2.40 Children from Abroad, including Victims of Modern Slavery, Trafficking and Exploitation Updated

Pre-birth Procedures

2.2.42 Pregnancy and Motherhood for a Child  
2.2.43 Having a Child Through Surrogacy  
2.2.44 Psychiatric Care for Children  
2.2.45 Reducing the Risks to Babies
2.2.46 Concealed Pregnancies  
2.2.47 Surrogacy  
2.2.48 Temporary Accommodation and Transient Lifestyles  
2.2.49 Self Harming and Suicidal Behaviour  
2.2.50 Young Carers  
2.2.51 Interpreters, Signers and others with Special Communication Skills  
2.2.52 Safeguarding Foreign National Children Who Go Missing  
2.2.53 Safeguarding Children and Young People against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism  



Safe Workforce

2.3.1 Safe Recruitment, Selection and Supervision of Staff  

Allegations Against Persons who Work with Children:




Individuals Who Pose a Risk to Children

2.4.1 Identified Offenders and Others who may Pose a Risk to Children  
2.4.2 Guidance on Offences Against Children  
2.4.3 Children Visiting Psychiatric Wards and Facilities  
2.4.4 Children Visiting Prisons  
2.4.5 Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)  
2.4.6 Release of Prisoners Convicted of Offences Against Children  



Child Deaths and Serious Child Care Incidents

2.5.1 Child Death Reviews  
  See also: Kent and Medway Child Death Review Partners Arrangements (June 2019)  
2.5.2 Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews  



Complaints and Professional Disagreements


Complaints and Representations about / Appeals against the Conference Decision and about the Conference Process

2.6.2 Whistleblowing or Raising Concerns at Work  

Resolving Professional Disagreements and the Escalation of Professional Concerns


3. Practice Guidance

Caption: section 3 contents
3.1 Cross Border Child Protection Cases (Hague Convention)  
3.2 Working with Foreign Authorities: Child Protection Cases and Care Orders (Non-Statutory DfE Guidance)  
3.3 Babysitting  
3.4 Child Witnesses in Therapy  
3.5 Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Claims for Looked After Children  
3.6 Intimate Care Good Practice Guidelines  
3.7 Non-Compliance  
3.8 Kent - Out of Hours Service for Children Social Work Services/Social Care  
  Worried About a Child – Information, help, support and advice if you are worried about a child in Medway.  

4. Kent and Medway Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships

Caption: section 4 contents
4.1 Local Safeguarding Children Partnership - New Arrangements  
4.2 Agency Roles and Responsibilities Updated
4.3 The Responsibilities of All Doctors  

5. Appendices

Caption: appendices
5.1 Amendments  

Contact Details



5.3 Nice Guidance - When to Suspect Child Maltreatment  
5.4 Working Together to Safeguard Children