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The Health and Well-being Standard

The Home should be an alcohol-free zone; alcohol should not be brought or kept on the premises and children should not normally be taken into licensed premises, unless it is part of a clear plan leading toward independence or on a special occasion; e.g. Christmas. In any case, children will not be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol.

Staff are not permitted to consume alcohol whilst on duty and should not arrive at work under the influence of alcohol.

Staff should ensure that children/young people are educated about alcohol and its effects.

If staff are concerned that a child/young person has been drinking alcohol, this should be raised with the Home's manager and the child's social worker as required.

Where it becomes evident, or it is suspected, that a child or young person has been drinking alcohol, the most appropriate response will vary dependent on how much the young person has had to drink or how it has affected them. These options are outlined below:

  • Offering fluids - water, squash;
  • Periodic monitoring and checks by staff - 10 minutes, 30 minutes, hourly, etc;
  • Contacting health professionals for advice e.g. G.P.;
  • Hospitalisation for day patient or overnight stay if appropriate, etc.

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