Life Appreciation Days

  1. A Life Appreciation Day should be considered, if appropriate, for each child with a SHOBPA.  Ideally to take place after a 'match' and during the introductions transfer process, where possible. The timing of the Life Appreciation Day should not cause a delay in the introduction transfer process;

  2. The Matching Meeting should consider identifying three possible dates for a Life Appreciation Day;

  3. The Practice Manager in the RAA will confirm in writing the date and venue and allocate to a named worker;

  4. The child's Social Worker will complete a Life Appreciation Day referral form and should discuss the appropriateness of birth family members' participation. Where appropriate, birth family members can be supported to participate either by attendance for a part of the day, by their Social Worker making a video or by providing photographs and memorabilia;

  5. The allocated worker will organise, confirm and invite all the relevant people listed and ensure that all RSVPs have been received two weeks prior to meeting;

  6. The allocated worker will request the child's Social Worker to provide an enlarged photograph of the child/children to be used at the Life Appreciation Day;

  7. The allocated worker will telephone those invited and those who have not replied in order to confirm availability;

  8. The allocated worker will forward the invitation list with times of those attending the review seven days before the Life Appreciation Day Meeting;

  9. All attendees to have name badges with names and titles;

  10. The allocated worker will confirm with the Supervising Social Worker of the child/children's current carers and the prospective adopters that they have been appropriately prepared for the day. If attending, the Adoption Support Worker will confirm with the child/children's Social Worker that birth family members have been appropriately prepared and that they will be accompanied.

  11. The allocated worker will check that information and/or a video provided by birth family members has been shown to the prospective adopters by their Supervising Social Worker prior to the Life Appreciation Day;

  12. The Reviewing Manager will familiarise themselves with the information on the child/children's file and prepare a flip chart based on the time line provided by the Community Support Worker;

  13. The Allocated Worker will provide a camera for the day for photographs to be taken that can be provided to the Child's Social Worker to include in lifework and will also ensure that a camera is available to make a short video;

  14. The Reviewing Manager will arrange for a minute taker to take notes of the day;

  15. When Chairing the Life Appreciation Day, the Reviewing Manager will ensure that the purpose of the day is carefully explained, paying attention to the kind of information that is sought. The Reviewing Manager will also seek to establish a relaxed atmosphere and pay particular attention to explaining which periods in a child's life are being discussed as participants join and leave the meeting;

  16. Before the end of each meeting, a date will be confirmed by which Lifework will be completed and a Later Life Letter can be expected within 10 working days of the Adoption Ceremony;

  17. Notes of the Life Appreciation Day will be sent to the adopters and to the child/children's file within 6 weeks of the meeting. At this time, letters will also be sent to all participants thanking them for their attendance, requesting feedback and inviting suggestions for future meetings.