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Devon Children and Families Partnership Procedures Manual


November 2019

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Updated Chapters
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Responding to Abuse and Neglect

This chapter has been refreshed to ensure consistency with terminology used in current DfE publications, including 'Working Together to Safeguard Children' and 'Keeping Children Safe in Education'.

Child Sexual Exploitation

This chapter has been updated throughout and should be re-read.

Children Missing from Education

This chapter has been updated with a new Section 6, Elective Home Education to reflect the updated DfE guidance on Elective Home Education for local authorities. A new Section 7, Unregistered Schools has also been added.

Children of Parents who Misuse Substances

Section 2, Risks has been updated when a bullet point was added noting the importance of the impact on breast-fed babies of maternal alcohol or drug use.

Domestic Violence and Abuse

This chapter has been updated to include a link to the refreshed Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2016-2020.

Pre-Birth (Safeguarding Unborn Babies)

Section 5, Involvement of Children's Social Care has been updated to clarify that Referrals to Children's Social Care about unborn babies should be made early in the pregnancy as soon as concerns have been identified which indicate that the unborn is at risk of significant harm and no later than 13 weeks into the pregnancy.

Guidance for Safe Recruitment, Selection and Retention for Staff and Volunteers

This chapter has been amended to include information on the application process for criminal record checks for someone from overseas.

Next Update: May 2020

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