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Shropshire Children's Services Procedures Manual

Shropshire Practice Guidance

CAPTION: Covid-19 Guidance
Covid-19 Guidance
Title: When Inserted:
Covid risk assessment holiday looked after child 15.09.20
Draft template holiday permission letter 15.09.20
The adoption and children's (coronavirus) (amendments) regulations 2020 24th April 2020 15.09.20
Covid guidance - working at MM Final July 2020 15.09.20
Supporting care experienced children during the COVID-19 crisis 15.09.20
The Family Court and Covid-19, The Road Ahead June 2020 19.01.21
Advice for refugees during COVID-19 15.09.20
Asylum Interviewing During Covid-19 19.01.21
Shropshire Chs policy procedure front sheet 02.11.20
Shropshire CSC Response to Dfe guidance during COVID October 2020 02.11.20
Coronavirus pre visit Questionnaire -V 2 Oct 2020 02.11.20
COVID Letter to parents 06.01..21 11.01.21
COVID Letter to foster carers 11.01.21
COVID Guidance on Face to Face Family Time 11.01.21
Shropshire ES Protocol for Monitoring the Performance of Academies and Free Schools May 071220 v1.0 Final SC 19.01.21
Shropshire ES Protocol for education professionals’ visits to schools and early years settings Covid 19 071220 Final SC 19.01.21
Shropshire ES Primary Rolling Record Template 2020-21 incl prompts on exclusions etc 071220 Final v1.0 SC 19.01.21
Shropshire ES Covid cases flowchart 071220 v1.0 final SC 19.01.21
Shropshire ES Child Protection Policy Addendum MAY 2020 Final 1.0 SC 19.01.21
Shropshire ES Addendum behaviour policy May 2020 Final 1.0 SC 19.01.21
Shropshire CS COVID Staff guidance during Coronavirus v.5 15012021 19.01.21
Shropshire Council Covid response Letter to parents and carers 050121 19.01.21
Shropshire ChS Policy-Procedure COVID Revised Guidance Jan 2021 SW 19.01.21
Shropshire Children's Services COVID Guidance on Face to Face Family Time updated 05.01.2021 Final V.7 19.01.21
Guidance re Face to Face & Virtual Visits Jan 2021 V2 19.01.21
CS VS COVID response Advice letter to Foster carers 050121 RH 19.01.21
Covid policy document CSC and Education - vulnerable children Dec 2020 v1.0 JHCK 19.01.21
Shropshire CS Protocol for Transfer of Case Responsibility for a child May 2020 v8.0 19.01.21
CAPTION: All Children
All Children
Early Help and Thresholds for Children's Social Care Services
Title: When Inserted:
Consent to record and share information 25.07.18
Overview step down guidance 25.07.18
Step down guidance and flow diagram 25.07.18
SC Early Help Practice Standards May 2020 19.01.21
Targeted Early Help Supervision Guidance - Nov 2020 update 19.01.21
EH Docs_Engaging Families Guidance June 2019 19.01.21
Children's Social Care - Assessment and Planning
Title: When Inserted:
Pre birth assessment policy and guidance 30.11.16
Pre birth assessment 03.05.17
Child Protection Conference Standards Final Version November 2016 02.10.17
Assessing parenting capacity, chapter 9 23.04.18
Requestng 72 hour emergency approval for secure accommodation 29.05.18
DASH Risk Assessment Guidance 25.07.18
MARAC Referral Form 25.07.18
Sexual Abuse Practice Guidance 19.11.18
CPS long term fostering child permanence report template 11.06.19
Child in Need
Title: When Inserted:
Step Down Guidance and flow diagram June 2018 17.10.18
Regional Persons Posing a Risk to Children Manual 05.11.19
Section 17 funding request template updated Sep 20 03.11.20
S17 Petty Cash Practice Guidance for Social Workers 03.11.20
S17 Receipt from Parent or Carer June 2020 03.11.20
Legal Proceedings
Title: When Inserted:
Complaints and Whistleblowing
Title: When Inserted:
Title: When Inserted:
CAPTION: Case Management and Recording
Case Management and Recording
Title: When Inserted:
Appendix C - Service - Team responsibility and Transfer Chart 11.10.16
Guidance on parents recording meetings with social workers 11.10.16
Access to personal information 16.01.18
Access to record 16.01.18
Protocol for Transfer of Case Responsibility for a child- Review May 2020Version 8 FINAL 08.06.20
CAPTION: Children in Particular Circumstances
Children in Particular Circumstances
Children with Disabilities
Title: When Inserted:
Children from Abroad
Title: When Inserted:
Prevent final version 01.08.17
Unaccompanied Children Asylum Seeking Children and Young People from Abroad Policy and Procedures 17.09.18
Information Sharing Proforma 23.12.19
Title: When Inserted:
Homeless 16 & 17 Pathway feb 2020 08.09.20
Housing Advice for 16 & 17 year olds - Laura 08.09.20
Confirmation of Intention Form 08.09.20
Joint Homeless Protocol 08.09.20
Family and Friends Care
Title: When Inserted:
Connected persons protocol 05.11.19
Connected person flowchart for child already in care v9 16 18.12.19
Connected person flowchart unplanned 18.12.19
Connected person protocol slides 18.12.19
Connected person regional pre-proceedings 18.12.19
Young Carers
Title: When Inserted:
CT Young carers referral 11.10.16
Dispute resolution and escalation process 11.10.16
CAPTION: Exploitation
Title: When Inserted:
Mapping Meeting Blank Invite 19.01.21
Mapping Meeting Minutes Template 19.01.21
Mapping Meeting Request Form 19.01.21
SNT Contact Details 19.01.21
SSSCP Exploitation Tools and pathways weblink 20.01.21
CE Initial assessment Tool Guidance SEPT 19 20.01.21
CE Initial Assessment Tool 20.01.21
E Intelligence Report Form 20.01.21
Intel & Crime Report Process 20.01.21
Mapping Meeting Protocol V1 June 2020 20.01.21
NRM Process April 2020 20.01.21
RA Process Nov 20 20.01.21
CAPTION: Looked After Children
Looked After Children
Decision to Look After and Care Planning
Title: When Inserted:
Permanence Strategy 28.03.18
Permanence Planning Procedure 28.03.18
The Transition journey 11.10.16
CCG Funding Request 11.10.16
Foster carers charter 11.10.16
Reg 44 Visit 11.10.16
PALAC 11.10.16
Referral Form 11.10.16
Corporate Parenting 2016 2018 12.02.18
Sufficiency Document 11.10.16
Sufficiency Duty 11.10.16
Ceasing to be looked after 03.05.17
Social Worker process when a child becomes looked after nov 2017 22.11.17
Social Worker report o9n secure accommodation 25.07.18
LAC Delegation flowchart for Sms 12.02.19
Directors Approval Form Placed at Distance/Child Under 12 in Residential 15.06.20
Title: When Inserted:
Child Permanence Report 05.06.18
Permanency Planning Flowchart 04.09.19
Placement Stability Forum September 2019 09.09.19
Annex A Template Regulated Children 15.06.20
Placement with Parents Assessment v1 20-04-20 15.06.20
Monitoring and Reviews
Title: When Inserted:
Terms of reference 17.05.17
Accelerated Process 23.05.08 06.06.17
Accelerated process S1 23.05.08 06.06.17
Accelerated process S2 23.05.08 06.06.17
LAC Review Standards Final Version November 2016 02.10.17
The PEP process flowchart 11.03.19
Contact and Overnight Stays
Title: When Inserted:
Supervised Contact Procedures 09.03.18
Contact Agreement 09.03.18
Supervised Contact Flowchart 09.03.18
Family Meeting Flowchart 09.03.18
Contact With My Family Booklet 09.03.18
Indicative Contact Arrangements 15.03.18
Education, School Trips and Holidays
Title: When Inserted:
Questions for Social Workers to ask at PEP Meetings 17.02.20
DRAFT Update letter o parents of LAC July 2020 28.07.20
Doc 1 Shropshire COVID-19 risk assessment for face to face family time V.2 Final 28.07.20
Doc 2 COVID face to face family time safety plan June 2020 28.07.20
DRAFT Template holiday permission letter (COVID) 28.07.20
COVID Risk assessment holiday looked after children 28.07.20
SCS COVID Guidance on Face to Face Family time July 2020 v.2 Final 28.07.20
Virtual School - PEP PP+ a one minute guide September20 (002) 13.10.20
Early Years for SW OMG September20 13.10.20
Social Worker guide - A one minute guide Sept20 13.10.20
IROs OMG 13.10.20
Roles and Responsibilities for SCHOOL 13.10.20
Health and Wellbeing
Title: When Inserted:
Appendix E Refrigerator temperature checklist 10.01.18
Medication Policy 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix B 21.03.18
Med policy Appendix D 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix D1 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix E1 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix F 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix G 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix H 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix I 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix K 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix L 21.03.18
Medication Policy Appendix M 21.03.18
Policy Amendments July 2019 22.07.19
Near miss report 24.07.19
Medication Policy 19.02.20
Health Assessments Flowchart V1 14.10.2020 Final 19.10.20
Change of Name and Marriage
Title: When Inserted:
Leaving Care and Transition
Title: When Inserted:
Shropshire Children's Services Pathway Plan 16yrs plus 26.06.17
Youth Offending
Title: When Inserted:
Youth Justice High Risk Panel Report from Children’s Social Care 13.07.20
WMYJS Management of Risk Policy_ 13.07.20
CAPTION: Children's Residential Homes
Children's Residential Homes
All Homes
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection Procedures (Shropshire) 2020
Absent and Missing Children Policy V3 (002) 03.08.20
Communication Document 03.08.20
Equality Policy 03.08.20
On-Call policy and Procedure V1 03.08.20
Behaviour Management Policy 17.08.20
Peer on Peer Abuse Policy V2 17.08.20
Protection of Children and Safeguarding Policy V1 17.08.20
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection Procedures (Shropshire) 2020
Chelmaren Ofsted 19.12.16
Chelmaren YP Guide June 2020 13.10.20
Chelmaren Statement of Purpose October 2020 13.10.20
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection Procedures (Shropshire) 2020
Devonia Young Person Guide 19.08.20
Devonia Inspection Report 19.08.20
Statement of Purpose - Devonia 19.08.20
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection Procedures (Shropshire) 2020
Admisson Policy 11.10.16
Havenbrook 11.10.16
Havenbrook ofsted report 19.12.16
Havenbrook Feb 2020 13.10.20
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection Procedures (Shropshire) 2020
Ifton young person guide 13.10.20
Ifton Statement of Purpose - 27th Oct 2020 02.11.20
Berwyn Cottage
Title: When Inserted:
Child Protection Procedures (Shropshire) 2020
Berwyn Cottage 3, YP Guide 13.10.20
Berwyn Cottage 2 Willcott Statement of Purpose 13.10.20
CAPTION: Fostering and Adoption
Fostering and Adoption
Fostering Services
Title: When Inserted:
Private Fostering 11.10.16
Shropshire Fostering Statement 2020 03.08.20
Adoption and Permanence Services
Title: When Inserted:
There are currently no forms in this category.N.A.
Special Guardianship
Title: When Inserted:
Protocol for the Identification, Assessment and Approval of Connected Persons 05.02.19
CAPTION: Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Title: When Inserted:
Quality Assurance and RAG Form for Looked After Reviews version 3 11.10.16
QA RAG Form CP Conference October 2016 17.10.16
QA RAG Form for LAC Reviews 17.10.16
Quallity Assurance Analysis Report 19.12.16
Front door audit tool 19.12.16
Practice observation tool 19.12.16
Supervision audit tool 19.10.16
Children's Social Care Quality Standards v1.4 03.05.17
Dispute resolution and escalation process August 2018 04.09.18
Early help child journey audit tool 16.10.18
Service Managers & Team Managers Protocol 06.11.18
Quality Assurance Framework Jan 2019 28.01.19
Children's Social Care Quality Standards V1 05.11.19
Child Journey Audit Tool CiN October 2019 03.12.19
Child Journey Audit Tool LAC October 2019 03.12.19
AMHP Referral Criteria November 2019 13.01.20
EDT Referral Process 06.01.20 13.01.20
Complaints Corporate Response 2020 27.01.20
CAPTION: Best Practice
Best Practice
Title: When Inserted:
Theoretical Model 11.10.16
Brook Traffic Light Tool 13.11.18
Brook Traffic Light Tool Guidance 13.11.18
Agenda for core group meetings 15.07.19
CAPTION: Process Maps
Process Maps
Title: When Inserted:
There are currently no forms in this category.N.A.
CAPTION: Forms - Local Resources
Title: When Inserted:
Substance Misuse and Risk Taking Early Referral Form 17.10.16
Missing Intervention Meetings Agenda 07.06.17
Sexual Abuse Practice Guidance 19.11.18
Parents report 31.07.19
NHS Referral Form 09.12.19
Strategy Meeting Request Form 09.12.19
PNC Request 09.12.19
Legal planning Meeting Request 09.12.19
Consent to Access Information 09.12.19
GP Proforma 09.12.19
School Proforma 09.12.19
GP S17 Request 09.12.19
Letter to GP Requesting Information S47 09.12.19
LCS 1-1 Process October 2020 19.10.20
Updated 1-1 process 19.10.20
CAPTION: Workforce Local Resources
Title: When Inserted:
Late visit 11.10.16
Service user risk management plan 11.10.16
Corporate Parenitng Strategy 2016 - 2018 16.01.17
Joint Homelessness Protocol Dec 2016 06.02.17
External Agency Referral Form DV 03.04.17
CSE Social Media Library 03.05.17
Outcome focused plans dos and donts 19.03.18
LAC Care planning checklist 19.03.18
Outcome focused plans guidance and process 19.03.18
Late visit safety form 20.06.18
Children's lone working policy 20.06.18
Performance Appraisal 19.11.18
Performance Appraisal guidance notes 19.11.18
SMART Objectives 19.11.18
Young Addaction Screening Tool 08.05.19
Compass Operating Procedures 05.11.19
Title: When Inserted:
Supervision Contract 31.01.20
Supervision Record 31.01.20
Case Supervision Template 31.01.20
Manager Supervision Tracker 31.01.20
Learning Log 31.01.20
Manager Supervision Template 31.01.20
Items to Include in Supervision Folder 31.01.20
Personal Information Sheet 31.01.20
Supervision Audit Tool 31.01.20
Supervision Policy V3 June 2017 08.06.20
Title: When Inserted:
ASYE Handbook November 2019 03.12.19
ASYE Programme 2020 03.12.19
ASYE Holistic Assessment Outcomes 03.12.19
ASYE PCF Standards Framework 03.12.19
ASYE Standards of proficiency 03.12.19
ASYE Support and Assessment Meeting Form 03.12.19
ASYE handbook November 2019 05.02.20
Title: When Inserted:
Appraisal Template November 2020 16.11.20
CAPTION: Miscellaneous
Title: When Inserted:
FGC Leaflet 11.10.16
Scales and Questionnaires 17.10.16
Substance Misuse and Risk Taking Early Referral Form 17.10.16
On-going consent 05.09.17
Effects of early relational trauma 23.04.18
Assessing children in kinship placements 25.07.18
Paediatric sexual assault service clients 30.04.18
Paediatric sexual assault service professionals 30.04.18
Step Down Guidance and flow digram June 2018 17.10.18
Support plus panel Oct 2018 23.10.18
What to do with concerns in an open case 12.02.19
Fabricated illness 25.09.19
CO Medical Guidelines 25.09.19
CAPTION: Appendices
Title: When Inserted: