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Shropshire Children's Services Procedures Manual



November 2020

CAPTION: November 2020 Amendments
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details

Complaints and Representations

Information contained in this procedure has been reviewed and refreshed as required.

Families with No Recourse to Public Funds

This chapter has been significantly updated throughout and should be re-read.

Placements in Secure Accommodation on Welfare Grounds

Section 6, Placements of Children under the age of 13 Years has been updated following publication of revised DfE guidance.

Notifications of Significant Events

This procedure has been updated to reflect the latest Ofsted guidance for social care providers on the types of incident which they consider to be serious and which will therefore require notification to the regulatory authority.

New Chapters and Features
Chapter Name Details

Capacity and Consent

This chapter has been added to the manual.

Use of Social Media Sites by Social Care and Safeguarding Staff

This chapter has been added to the manual.

Storage of Data on Mobile Devices

This chapter has been added to the manual.

Next Update: May 2021


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