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Child Exploitation


In January 2024, a link to the Pan Cheshire All-Age Exploitation Strategy document was added.

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Relevant Strategies and Protocols

Pan Cheshire All-Age Exploitation Strategy (2023)

Pan Cheshire Child Exploitation Operating Protocol (2018 - 2020)

Screening and Assessment Tools

Contextual Safeguarding Screening Tool

Contextual Safeguarding Assessment Tool

Contextual Safeguarding Operational Group Information Form - to be used by practitioners to request that a 'person of interest' e.g. a potential exploitation perpetrator, a specific location where exploitation is thought to be occurring or a group be discussed at the Operational Group.

See also: Contextual Safeguarding.

Relevant Guidance

Serious Violence Duty - Preventing and Reducing Serious Violence: Statutory Guidance for Responsible Authorities