Sleeping In and Night Security


The Leadership and Management Standard

The management of children’s bedtimes and the period running up to bedtime is an important part of the day in terms of good child care practice and routines. It is a time to actively promote and safeguard welfare of children and young people by ensuring appropriate levels of staff interaction, intervention and supervision and providing for the security of the home.

Children should be helped to follow a routine where an atmosphere of calm is encouraged following supper and staff proactively spend time ensuring that they wash and brush their teeth, then settling and talking or reading to each child as they retire to bed. Some children find it helpful to listen to low music or have night lights switched on.

Staff should ensure that all of the children’s needs for the next morning have been met, e.g. school clothes, dinner monies, etc.

Sleeping-in staff should only retire to bed themselves once they are sure that all of the children are safe and secure in accordance with their Care Plans and any risk assessments.

Make sure that all external windows and doors are locked, and outside security lights are switched on, electrical appliances, such as televisions, are switched off, and fire systems are operational and fire doors closed before retiring. Any missing children should have been reported in accordance with their risk assessments and the appropriate action taken and people informed.

Where waking night care staff are employed in the home, whether temporarily or as part of the established team, they must be given a thorough hand-over and be aware of the children’s Care Plans and risk assessments and any other significant information e.g. whether any child is missing or has special supervisory or health requirements.

In the morning, the sleeping in staff should rise before the children and receive a thorough hand-over from waking night staff. They should then begin a morning routine of preparing breakfast, waking children, ensuring that they wash and brush their teeth and getting them ready for school or college.