Holidays and School Trips


  1. Holidays or School Trips in the UK
  2. Holidays or School Trips Outside the UK
  3. Interruption to Contact Arrangements

1. Holidays or School Trips in the UK

Where there is a proposal for a child to go on holiday or a school trip in the UK, the relevant social worker should give approval, unless it has previously been agreed this is not necessary (which may apply for holidays or trips of up to 4 days as set out in Social Visits (Including Overnight Stays) Procedure, Social Visits/Overnight Stays) that the home can make the arrangements without seeking approval.

If the home is permitted to arrange holidays and trips without seeking approval, the social worker should still be informed, preferably in advance or as soon as possible afterwards.

Within some of the complex needs homes, an approval form of authorisation would be handed over to the child’s social worker where appropriate to sign in regards to any school trips/holidays.

This would be filed in the child’s individual file under the safeguarding section.

A copy of the trips risk/holiday assessment would also be sent to the child’s social worker.

Children must not be taken on holiday during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances that would be approved by the social worker's manager for the child and the Virtual School Head.

Within the ITM Homes, staff can give consent for young people, however we would discuss any proposed school trip with the young person’s care giver and involve them within the process of making the decision. At Willows and Cherry Trees it is unlikely that as a service we would take our young people on a holiday. However we would support the care giver should they want to provide the young person with a holiday or trip such as financial support etc.

2. Holidays or School Trips Outside the UK

Where there is a proposal for child to go on holiday or school trip abroad, the child's social worker must always give approval, following consultation with the child's parents.

Where the parents’ consent, this must be obtained in writing. Where parental consent is not given, the social worker may need to seek legal advice as to whether the holiday can go ahead.

If the child requires a passport, the social worker should be consulted on the procedures within the local authority for obtaining a passport. See also Guidance notes for social services departments making passport applications on behalf of Looked After Children.

3. Interruption to Contact Arrangements

Where the holiday or school trip will interrupt contact arrangements between the child and their family and significant others, alternative suitable arrangements should be given consideration. This should be in consultation with the social worker and relevant others and consistent with the child’s Care Plan.

See Family Time/Contact Procedure.