October 2023

Updated Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Health Care Assessments and Plans Information has been added into Section 2, Health Care Plans in relation to allergies.
Provision and Preparation of Meals Information has been added into Section 1, Responsibility and Risk Assessments, in relation to allergies.
First Aid, Home Remedies and Medication Section 2, Allergies has been added.
Allegations Against Staff and Volunteers This chapter has been amended in line with revised Keeping Children Safe in Education. New Section 2, The Difference Between an Allegation of Harm and a Concern has been added.
Staff Qualifications This chapter has been updated and should be re-read.
New Chapters and Features
Chapter Title Details
Supporting Children and Young People with Disabilities This chapter has been added.
Staffing and Safe Recruitment This chapter has been added.

Next Update: April 2024


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