CAF - Common Assessment Framework

The following definition is taken from Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010 (now archived), Paragraphs 5.12 and 5.17.

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) offers a basis for early identification of children's additional needs, the sharing of this information between organisations and the coordination of service provision. Where it is considered a child may have additional needs, with the consent of the child or parents/carers, practitioners may undertake a common assessment in accordance with the national practice guidance (accessible by the link to the Every Child Matters website below) to assess these needs and to decide how best to support them.

The findings from the Common Assessment may give rise to concerns about the child's safety and welfare. In these circumstances, it should be used to support a Referral to Children's Social Care: however undertaking a CAF is not a pre-requisite for making a referral.  

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