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4.9 Cultural and Religious Beliefs that May Impact on Safeguarding Children

1.1 The basic requirement that children are kept safe is universal and cuts across cultural and religious boundaries. All concerns about the safety of a child should be acted upon in accordance with the guidance in this document, and there can be no excuse for failing to take adequate steps to protect a child, whatever their cultural or religious circumstances.
1.2 Practitioners should be alert to the fact that children may be harmed within faith communities and that religion does not necessarily offer protection from abuse.
1.3 All assessments and Section 46 Enquiries should seek appropriate advice from those with knowledge of the culture/religion of the child and/or their family. Agencies should ensure that connections are made with key people in local communities and faith groups in order to help practitioners with this task.
1.4 The Safeguarding Children Board should work with all faith groups to support them in developing adequate and appropriate child protection procedures.