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Welcome to the Families for Children Adoption Procedures Manual

The Policy, Procedure and Practice Guidance manual has been fully updated to reflect changes in legislation and Statutory Guidance. This update takes place on an annual basis and at other times when there are significant changes to implement.

The manual is a working tool which should guide the work of the Agency overall. Over time there are often minor changes to the way we work, which need to be reflected in the manual, especially in the Procedure and Practice Guidance sections. Please highlight these if you discover that the manual does not accurately reflect current working practices, and amendments to the manual can then be considered.

The Policy, Procedure and Practice Guidance manual is a guide to achieving high standards of practice. However, there will always be instances where it is right and appropriate to deviate from what is written in the manual. In such circumstances there should be a discussion with the relevant Team Manager and/or the Head of Operations and the reasons for taking any different course of action should be fully recorded on the case record.

Families for Children is committed to providing the highest possible standards of practice to the children and families with whom we work.

Ruth Marriott
Chief Executive
February 2021

This is the First Operational Manual for Families for Children Adoption.

Please see 'Using this Manual' for details about the way this manual works.

For further details, please contact Karen Dale (kdale@familiesforchildren.org.uk).

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