March 2024

Updated Chapters
Chapter Title Details
Safe Use of the Internet, Social Media and Photographs This chapter has been refreshed.
Female Genital Mutilation A new section has been added on Other Harmful Practices. The Health and Care Act 2022 has made it illegal to carry out, offer or aid and abet virginity testing or hymenoplasty in any part of the UK. It is also illegal for UK nationals and residents to do these things outside the UK. Information has also been added on Breast Flattening which is an offence as set out in CPS So-Called Honour-Based Abuse Legal Guidance.
Leadership and Management Section 2.2, Appointment of Manager has been updated in line with updated Ofsted Guidance - Social Care Common Inspection Framework: Children's Homes.
Staffing and Safer Recruitment

New sections have been added in to Section 2, Safe Recruitment and Employment Checks, on Prospective Staff Spending Time in the Home and Carrying Out Interviews, in line with updated Ofsted guidance.

A link has been added to information on DBS Digital Identity Verification Guidance.

Next Update: September 2024


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