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Welcome to the Brighter Futures for Children Procedures Manual

This is the procedures manual for Brighter Futures for Children. Any copies of old procedures should be discarded.

The manual is laid out as following:

  • Procedures - this contains the procedures that meet the national social work requirements required by the legislation and statutory guidance;
  • Practice Guidance - this contains local guidance, tools and other information that supports and complements the main procedures;. It is important that you use this area;
  • The Berkshire West Safeguarding Children Partnership has a range of guidance on safeguarding topics. These can be accessed from the button on the top toolbar titled 'SCP Guidance'.

The Pan Berks Child Protection Procedures can also be accessed from the same button and contain the multi-agency procedures for safeguarding. You will need to access these procedures as well.

Brighter Futures for Children is an independent, not-for-profit-company established to deliver the best possible opportunities for the children of Reading. Local authorities in England deliver a range of statutory and non-statutory services for children. In Reading these statutory children's service care functions and duties are undertaken by Brighter Futures for Children on behalf of Reading Borough Council. The power for Reading Borough Council to discharge care functions is detailed in the Children and Young Persons Act 2008.

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The 'Using this Manual' guidance explains how this manual works, and sets out the latest amendments. For more information about this manual, please contact: Ben Boatman Business Process Lead – Reviewing and Quality Assurance Team (

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