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1. Introduction to tri.x

Our products and services

Our products and services

tri.x has been providing online procedure solutions to the social care sector for more than 15 years. We work with local authority children’s and adult services, independent and local authority children’s homes, fostering agencies, regional adoption agencies and last but not least, safeguarding children partnerships (SCP’s). We are also in the midst of a new development for safeguarding adult boards (SAB’S).

We are the market leaders and across our procedure services we are proud to work with over 90% of local authorities in England.

Until 2017, all services were tailored to the children’s sector. However, since our Procedures, Practice Guidance and Tools for Adult Social Care was launched we have steadily grown and we already have a presence in 4 of the 9 regions in England, including several London Boroughs, a County Council and a number of Unitary Authorities.

The Antser Group

tri.x joined a wider group of like-minded companies in 2019, which together form the Antser Group.

The Antser Group

Our team

our team


Lead Consultants

We have a team of Lead Consultants who are the main point of contact for customers.

Some of their many functions include;

  • Managing new developments and supporting practitioners to effectively use the procedures;
  • Co-ordinating planned updates of existing procedures;
  • Providing telephone and email support or advice to customers as needed;
  • Amending, or writing new procedures in response to changes in legislation, case law and best practice;
  • Writing the policy briefings that appear within our monthly newsletters.

Together, our Lead Consultants possess an array of social care experience and expertise, having previously been employed as social care managers and practitioners, in legal services, as youth workers and in education.

A number of our Lead Consultants maintain their professional social work registration and continue to undertake independent work on behalf of Safeguarding Adult Boards and Safeguarding Children Partnerships.

All our Lead Consultants are committed to promoting best practice and supporting social care practitioners to improve the lives of vulnerable children and adults.

Content Review & Development Board

Working across tri.x and Reconstruct the Content Review & Development Board members work tirelessly behind the scenes to;

  • Identify and review any changes to legislation, case law and best practice;
  • Consider the best way to integrate changes into the procedures;
  • Update customers so they can consider any need to review local resources.

We subscribe to relevant web based resources and attend professional conferences and forums to ensure we have access to the most up-to-date information possible.

Production Team

The Production Team are responsible for the maintenance of the online procedures and are all highly skilled and trained, with an eye for detail. Bringing written procedures to life, they work to tight deadlines and are responsible for making sure that everything looks and works as it should do online.


Legal support is provided from the wider Antser Group and accessed as required to ensure that content is robust, correct and reliable prior to publish.

IT Support and Technical Development

A reassuring source of support, our IT Team ensures that procedures are always available to customers and resolve any technical issues.

Working across tri.x and Reconstruct, the IT Team is always looking for innovative ways to enhance the existing procedures as well as designing new products.

Business administration

An integral part of any team, our business administrators respond to customer enquiries, manage contracts and invoices, and support the rest of the team with anything else they may require.

2. Procedures, Practice Guidance and Tools for Adult Social Care

Developed in partnership with a range of practitioners from across the adult social care sector, our procedures, practice guidance and tools embed personalisation and strengths based practice, and support practitioners to make effective and consistent decisions in line with the Care Act and other key legislation.

Key benefits to practitioners

Designed specifically to meet the needs of practitioners working in local authorities, our online procedures, practice guidance and tools:

  • Are accessible, user friendly and well structured;
  • Are relevant and helpful to a range of direct practice situations;
  • Make sense of complex legislation and statutory requirements in a practical way;
  • Reflect the needs of practitioners across the full range of adult social care;
  • Provide practical support with a range of exclusive tools and guidance-tried and tested by practitioners and adults with care and support needs;
  • Promote a personalised approach to practice;
  • Make best use of available technology, including flexible content management, 24 hour and mobile access;
  • Provide access to a range of trusted tri.x resources, including a comprehensive glossary.

Key benefits to organisations

  • No need to worry about updating procedures in relation to legislation and case law-leave that to our experts;
  • More time to focus on improving local processes and practice;
  • Creates a culture of autonomous, confident practitioners;
  • Frees up managers time to develop services or take on projects;
  • Compliments and enhances internal training, supervision and continuous professional development;
  • Increases adult social care team ownership of procedures and local resources;
  • Best practice becomes consistent across all services;
  • Reduces the risk of challenges, complaints and judicial review;
  • Robust archiving-easy to retrieve older versions if required.


We endeavour to make all our procedures developments as easy as possible for our customers and a named lead consultant will provide support whenever required.

We have 2 development options, depending on how quickly you would like to go live with your procedures.

Option 1

This option takes between 16-20 weeks and involves full localisation of a template procedures site before going live. There is also the option of a face to face launch for practitioners to ensure site use is optimised.

Option 2

This option takes around 2 weeks and involves rebranding and localisation of the template Adult Safeguarding procedure only before going live. A video demonstration of the site is included for you to launch the procedures with practitioners. The remaining areas of the site are localised at your first scheduled update, around 4 months after the live date.


testimonial Telford & Wrekin Council

“A robust online policies and procedures system… built to our specification … tailored into relevant sections… it is clear and simple to navigate and enables staff to have easy access to all documents”
Clare Hall-Salter, Service Improvement and Efficient, Telford & Wrekin Council

testimonial Swindon Borough Council

“Fantastic procedure….looks so professional and very informative…..I couldn’t have written it better myself”
Daryl Hayton, ASC Money Management Team Manager, Swindon Borough Council

testimonial London Borough of Hillingdon

“I feel very supported by my tri.x lead. They are always only a telephone Call or email away, respond promptly to all my questions and issues and always manage to find a solution as soon as possible”
London Borough of Hillingdon

Video demonstration

We have recorded a 30minute video demonstration of the procedures, using a live customer site.

We will also be holding live webinars, where you will be able to ask questions, on the following dates:

  • 27th August 2020;
  • 24th September 2020;
  • 29th October 2020;
  • 26th November 2020.

Click here to register for a webinar

Frequently Asked Questions

How are local policies, processes and other resources included?

We provide you with a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), which you can use to electronically files all of your local documents and create a Local Resource area for practitioners. At your request links can then be made from specific procedures to different sections of the Local Resource area, creating a seamless integration of the 2 platforms.

During development we will support you to use the CMS system effectively, but ordinarily this is an area where you have full autonomy to add, delete and replace resources as and when required.

How much local resource is needed during development and beyond?

This very much depends on your requirements. In 95% of cases there is no localisation required to the procedures. All that is required is some basic information gathering to localise the remaining 5% (we will provide a list of what is required). The biggest impact on local time is the gathering of existing local resources (forms, processes, templates etc), which then need to be collated and organised in a meaningful way for uploading to your Content Management System. We can assist with this but the number of resources you have and the number of versions etc. can prolong the task.

How are the procedures maintained, and what is the ongoing support from tri.x?

Our Content Review and Development Board meets regularly to review changes to legislation, case law and best practice and consider the best way to integrate them into the procedures.

Scheduled updates to procedures are provided twice yearly as part of your contract. Unscheduled updates are available if we have capacity at an additional cost (unless they are related to safeguarding when changes will be made as soon as possible).

You will have a named lead consultant throughout your contractual period. They will manage the scheduled update process but can be contacted by phone or email as necessary to provide advice and support. They are also available for an on-site visit once per annum. This can be used for a relaunch of your procedures if requested.

Can I monitor how the procedures are being used?

Yes, we provide you with access to data through Google Analytics. This allows you to monitor general usage but also specific procedure use, which can help identify potential training and development needs across the organisation.

Can I access old versions of the procedures?

Whenever your procedures are updated the old version is archived and can be easily accessed whenever you may need it.

What are the contract options?

There are 3 and 5 year contracts available. You can also find us on the G-Cloud Framework where 2 + 2 year contracts are available.

How much will it cost?

The procedures, practice guidance and tools is competitively priced, but the cost can vary based on your specific requirements, so please talk to us about this.

Do you offer flexible payment terms?

When contracting with us directly (not through G-Cloud) we can offer flexible payment options including the option to spread the initial development cost evenly across the contract period.

Contact us

To discuss working with us or request further information please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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