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  1. Journey of the Child
  2. Recruitment and Assessment of Adopters
  3. Family Finding
  4. Adoption Support
  5. Non-Agency Adoption
  6. Birth Family
  7. Other Guidance and Information

1. Journey of the Child

1.1 Adoption of Children in Care - to follow  
1.2 Early Permanence Placements Updated
1.3 Relinquished Babies/Children  
1.4 Guidance on Name Changes  
1.5 Moving to Adoption  
1.6 Statement of Purpose  

2. Recruitment and Assessment of Adopters

2.1 Eligibility Criteria for Prospective Adopters Updated
2.2 Recruitment of Prospective Adopters Updated
2.3 Assessment of Adopters  
2.4 Guidance on Checks and References Updated
2.5 Guidance on Overweight Adopters  
2.6 Guidance on Health and Safety Checks  
2.7 Inter Country Adoption  
2.8 Practice Guidance for when Foster Carer/s wish to Adopt a Child in their Care New
2.9 Adoption Panel  
2.10 Review of Prospective Adopters  
2.11 Allegations Against Prospective Adopters  
2.12 Adopter Case Records  

3. Family Finding

3.1 Family Finding Journey including role and responsibilities  
3.2 Guidance on Child Specific Recruitment  
3.3 Guidance on Link Maker  
3.4 Guidance on Life Appreciation Days  
3.5 Guidance on Activity Days  

4. Adoption Support

4.1 Adoption Support  
4.2 Use of the Adoption Support Fund - to follow  
4.3 Access to Birth Records and Adoption Case Records  
4.4 Post Box  
4.5 Monitoring and Supervision of Adoptive Placements  
4.6 Financial Support in Adoption Updated
4.7 Disruption of Adoptive Placements New

5. Non-Agency Adoption

5.1 Non-Agency Adoption - to follow  

6. Birth Family

6.1 Birth Family Counselling  
6.2 Birth Family Access to Records  
6.3 Post Box  

7. Other Guidance and Information

7.1 Adopt North East Privacy Notice  
7.2 Supervision Policy  
7.3 Lone Working Policy  
7.4 Whistleblowing Policy  
7.5 Financial Process Guidance  
7.6 Standards for Case Recording  
7.7 Guidance on Assessment and Approval in a Pandemic