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South GloucestershireSafeguarding Children Board Procedures Manual


May 2017 (additional Amendment added in June 2017)

Local Information

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Child Protection Conferences

A link to the Review conferences and children who are looked after - Dissenting to the Decision Of a Child Protection Case Conference to make/not make or end a Child Protection Plan has been added into Local Information.

Information Sharing

A link to the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board website - Information Sharing page has been added into Local Information.

Shared Information

Updated Chapters
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Children Missing from Care, Home and Education

This chapter was amended in Section 4, Children Missing from Care and Care Leavers and Section 5, Children Missing from Home to show that a Return Interview should be offered and carried out within 72 hours of the child being located or returning from absence.

Updated Chapters
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Responding to Abuse and Neglect

A new Section 12, Historical Abuse has been added. In Section 6, Professional and Agency Response information has been added on when a Strategy Discussion should be held.

Child Sexual Exploitation

This chapter has been updated with the revised definition for Child Sexual Exploitation in Working Together to Safeguard Children 2015 has been added along with links to Child Sexual Exploitation: Definition and Guide for Practitioners (DfE 2017). This is non-statutory advice to help practitioners to identify child sexual exploitation and take appropriate action in response and includes the management, disruption and prosecution of perpetrators. This document replaces Safeguarding Children and Young People from Sexual Exploitation (DfE 2009).

E-Safety: Children Exposed to Abuse through the Digital Media

This chapter has been updated and now includes information on the recently introduced 'outcome 21'. Where young people are voluntarily sending/sharing sexual images or content with one another the police may use this new recording code to record that a crime has been committed but that it is not considered to be in the public interest to take criminal action against the people involved. Information was added about the risk of child sexual exploitation in the online environment. This chapter also links to LawStuff which is run by Coram Children's Legal Centre and gives free legal information to young people on a range of different issues.

Female Genital Mutilation

This chapter has been updated with information about the four types of FGM as defined by WHO. Links have been added to both the new Home Office FGM protection orders factsheet; and to the guidance to the 'Statement opposing female genital mutilation' (often referred to as a health passport).

Forced Marriage

This chapter has been updated with further detail in the Risks, Indicators and Issues sections, to reflect relevant points from the 'Protocol on the handling of 'so-called' Honour Based Violence/Abuse and Forced Marriage Offences between the National Police Chief's Council and the Crown Prosecution' (November 2016). In Further Information, links have been added to Multi-Agency practice guidelines: Handling cases of forced marriage 2014 and to Apply for a forced marriage protection order (GOV.UK) and Karma Nirvana who support victims of honour crimes and forced marriages.

Honour Based Violence

This chapter has been reviewed and further detail has been added in line with the 'Protocol on the handling of 'so-called' Honour Based Violence/Abuse and Forced Marriage Offences between the National Police Chiefs' Council and the Crown Prosecution Service' (November 2016). Links have been added to Forced Marriage Guidance (Home Office) - information and practice guidelines for professional protecting, advising and supporting victims and to SafeLives Dash risk checklist for the identification of high risk cases of domestic abuse, stalking and 'honour'-based violence.

Pre-Birth (Safeguarding Unborn Babies)

Information has been added in to Section 7, Child Protection Concerns on the timing of the Initial Child Protection Conference. This section should be re-read.

New Chapters
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Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children

This chapter has been added to the manual.

Modern Slavery (including the Exploitation of Children)

This chapter has been added to the manual and is being reviewed by the South West Child Protection Procedures Editorial Group.

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