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Definition of a Team around the Family (TAF)

The Common Assessment Framework is used to assess the needs of the child or young person, and also provides a framework for assessing the wider needs of the family and community in improving outcomes and providing earlier intervention. We know that issues affecting parents or siblings can affect the development of other siblings or family members.

In Northamptonshire, we want to encourage greater integration and multi-agency working between adult’s and children’s services. We want to ensure that we can shape all these services more closely around the needs of families and draw together all the positive work and interventions taking place with a family in a coordinated approach. In short we want all of the children’s and adult’s workforce to ‘Think Family’ and create a ‘Team around the Family’.

The Local Operational Teams (LOTs) will support practitioners working with different siblings from the same family.

The Team around the Family brings together young people, parents and practitioners, regardless of agency boundaries, into a small, individualised team for each particular child who has been identified as having additional needs. Parents/carers and young people have a full role in the TAF, their parents’ / carers’ needs are recognised and their central role to meet the needs of the child should be acknowledged.

The membership of the TAF may change as the needs of the child and family change. The TAF operates as a supportive team; there is direct benefit to parents who have opportunities to discuss their child and family with key practitioners in one place. There is also benefit to practitioners who might otherwise feel isolated and unsupported in their work with the child and family. A successful TAF meeting will have taken into account the views of the child/young person and parent.

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The TAF will:

The Best Practice Model TAF:

The Role of a Team around the Family (TAF) Member The role of a TAF member includes

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