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2.1 Referrals, Placements and Admissions


The Quality and Purpose of Care Standard
Regulation 6

The Care Planning Standard
Regulation 14

Please see Statements of Purpose for information regarding Referrals, Placements and Admissions.


The area local authority (if different from the placing authority) must be notified without delay of the admission of a child to the Home.

The notification must state:

Placements Out of Area

Within the placing authority, the decision to place a child out of area must be approved by the Nominated Officer, unless it is a Placement at a Distance, (i.e. outside the area of the local authority and not within the area of any adjoining local authority), in which case the approval of the Director of Children’s Services is required.

The Nominated Officer/ Director of Children’s Services must be satisfied of the following:

  • That the child's wishes and feelings have been ascertained and given due consideration;
  • That the placement is the most appropriate placement available for the child and consistent with the Care Plan;
  • That relatives have been consulted where appropriate;
  • That the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) has been consulted (usually the IRO will discuss with the child after the child has visited the proposed placement).
  • That the area authority has been notified, or, for a Placement at a Distance, the area authority have been consulted and have been provided with a copy of the child’s Care Plan.

The social worker must assess the suitability of the placement. This includes referring to the Home’s Statement of Purpose and location assessment; consulting the Home’s manager to ensure that proper arrangements are in place for the child to have contact with his/her family and significant others, particularly when the child is placed at a distance away from their family home; and considering the arrangements for meeting the child’s health and education needs.

For more information, see The Children Act 1989 Guidance and Regulations - Volume 2: Care Planning, Placement and Case Review (2015).